Cracking in walls and foundations

The occurrence of cracks in walls, foundations and basement floors have many causes. Amongst these are thermal influences and shrinkage of the materials and changing pressure on the construction through shifts in the underlying soil. Through these cracks, water is able to enter the residence. Because of this it’s very important to repair these types of damage as soon as possible and to make sure that they are sealed with waterproof sealing.

Usually, smaller cracks which do not form any real danger to the structural integrity of the residence can easily be repaired. Larger, deeper cracks however, need to be repaired as soon as they appear in order to prevent serious water damage to walls and other areas.

Cracks in load bearing areas usually need to be repaired by using special epoxy resin. It is of the utmost importance that damage to these areas is thoroughly analysed and that they are restored to their former strength as soon as possible. will always drill holes in afflicted areas of the residence. We do this in order to be able to measure the depth of the cracks and to inject the sealing material evenly across the entirety of the crack(s).

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