Injection with fluids is able to provide its customers with a definitive treatment against rising damp by injecting the walls with a special injection fluid.

Injection against the effects of rising damp is a relatively easy process to complete. Depending on the thickness of the wall or construction in question, holes will be drilled at plinth level, after which a patented liquid will be injected under regulated pressure. This liquid is applied across the entirety of the affected section until it becomes saturated. This results in a protective layer which stops rising damp from entering the structure. This permanent solution, like all of our other work, comes with a warrantee. In case of Stucco which has come off of wall sections, we are also able to treat the underlying walls.

By application of a special formula, clean plasterwork binds the salts on the surface which prevents new Stucco from releasing. is specialised in providing its customers with the correct diagnosis and reliable moisture readings.

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