Complete basement renovation

In some cases the damage to your basement will be so severe that we will advise you to strongly consider a complete basement renovation. A full renovation includes the floor, ceiling and all of the walls.

The floor will be stripped of the decking, after which the underlying material will be treated before applying a new decking of choice.

Additionally, the walls are stripped of Stucco and/or tiles, after which they are treated with moisture repellant materials before the new materials are applied to the surface. Likewise, the ceilings will be completely cleaned, damaged areas will be replaced, and even beam sections will be restored when necessary.

We are also able to provide a finish to the newly renovated space and view these undertakings as additional work. Think of a fully functional extra bedroom, hobby room, storage cellar, or even a climate controlled wine cellar. We turn the newly renovated space into a valued addition to your home. is the company you can trust to deliver and restore your old basement, souterrain, or crawlspace into a completely usable addition to your home.

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