Mould – salts

Moisture inside of walls, floors and ceilings does not consist of only water but contains different types of salts as well. These salts attract moisture from the surrounding areas, which in turn cause ugly black spots to appear. To prevent this from happening, research must be done in order to find out which types of salts are causing the problems.

  • Nitrates
  • Sulfides
  • Chlorides


White salt outflow is a very common occurrence in many basement walls as well as to the front of buildings. It causes ugly white residue to brick and mortar structures that, to many people, sticks out like a sore thumb. Additionally, it cause the same problems indoors as well. Causes for this are strike-through damp, rising damp, and leaks. Salt outflow is a direct result of crystallizing salts and lime which will damage Stucco as well.

Salts which crystallize as a result of the evaporation of water inside of walls, put pressure on the plasterwork. This can lead to damaged Stucco.

If not taken care of in time these salts will continue to damage your stucco walls. will permanently solve these issues by finding sustainable solutions and by repairing damaged areas professionally.

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