Mould can be easily recognised, as it usually manifests as green, black or brown spots. Additionally, mould thrives in humid, badly ventilated spaces and is often caused by strike through damp. Mould consists of micro-organisms which spread quickly, can cause serious health related issues, and can lead to structural damage if not taken care of in time.

Possible causes:

condensation due to cold bridges and bad ventilation
bad heating and high humidity
moisture as a result of construction in new buildings
leaking plumbing, gutters, and pipes
heavy rain fall
broken windows, damaged or missing roofing tiles

Preventative measures

When mould is caused by damage as a result of leaks and/or cracks in walls or ceilings, repairs have to be made as soon as possible. While we make sure that mould will not return after having made the necessary repairs, one can aid this by keeping the residence dry. This can quite easily be achieved by producing less moisture, better ventilation, and by increased heating.

Our experts here at will make sure to provide all of our customers with the best possible advice regarding mould and/or fungi in your residence. We will then present you with an offer based on our preliminary assessment.

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