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Wood that has been damp for an extended period of time is the ideal source of nutrients for many different types of fungi. These fungi cause the wood to rot. Additionally, they grow up and through walls. Fungi and mould often starts to form very recognisable spots and a sort of fluff, typically in different hues of brown, green, black, grey and orange. Lastly, the fungi is able to grow on virtually any type of material, as long as the humidity is high enough and the surface is wet enough.

Moisture inside of walls, floors, and ceilings does not consist of only water, but contains different types of salts as well. These salts attract moisture from the surrounding areas, which in turn cause ugly, black spots to appear. To prevent this from happening, research must be done in order to find out which types of salts are causing the problems.

Usually, a moldy smell in crawlspaces, basements, and cabinets is a good indicator of mould and fungi in the residence.

High humidity can cause a number of health related problems, including back pains, sore muscles, and breathing problems. has the experience as well as the expertise to combat all manner of fungi and mould.

Due to many years’ experience is able to find sustainable solutions for every situation.

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