Using undercuts or under saws is quite outdated, yet can provide certain benefits. However it is not without risk.  In order to be as useful as possible, three waterproof layers would have to be installed. Unfortunately, this is quite unattainable in practice. Even if the protective foil has been applied correctly, rising damp will be able to manifest in places where the waterproof layer has been cut to allow space for the plumbing. Therefore, undercutting is a quite temporary solution.

Injection or undercut?

There are two main ways of solving problems related to rising damp. In order to make sure that walls are sealed as efficiently as possible, provocht.nl advises its customers to make use of injection. This especially holds true for older structures. An added benefit is that this method requires a lot less general construction and therefore saves a lot of time and money compared to the older undercutting technique.

Due to many years’ experience Provocht.nl is able to find sustainable solutions for every situation.

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