Water which enters the residence through the basement or souterrain causes frustration and damage. Furthermore, the excess moisture can cause increased humidity through evaporation. This can cause serious problems to wooden floors in the residence such as  mould and severely diminished structural integrity.
Do not underestimate the consequences of flooding in you basement, souterrain or crawlspace:

decreased quality of the air which can lead to health related issues
tears and cracks in walls
mould and fungi
high humidity
damage to brick and mortar walls
damage to Stucco
salt residue on walls

Flooding in basements, souterrains and crawl spaces has many causes. Because of this, it is important to thoroughly examine the cause(s), in order to find the best solution for the situation.

Because the groundwater level in old city centres and newly built neighborhoods is generally quite high, it is quite likely that water enters the residence through the foundation. This is generally due to damage to older brick and mortar foundations. In addition, water is likely to enter to structure through the plumbing. Lastly, a bad connection between the flooring and walls of a residence is a common cause for water related problems. Provocht.nl has a solution for any type of water related problem.

Bad ventilation or a complete lack of thereof can likewise cause many problems.

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